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Modern feedback channels & team of experts that make it easy to take action and improve employee engagement

Holistic View of Employee Engagement


Measure overall engagement, drill down on trending issues and create data-backed action plans

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Keep a pulse & enhance the critical moments that matter throughout the employee experience

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Drill deeper into employee concerns by engaging in meaningful, anonymous 1x1 conversations

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What our customers are saying...

Ryan Robinson
Chief People Officer, Bazaarvoice

"We were looking for a partner who could help us from survey to survey to get to the heart of the issues and who could help us understand what the data was telling us."

Kay Stroman
CAO, Silvercar

"When you're going to undertake something like an employee engagement survey, it feels very daunting - and this tool was very easy."

Marsh Lavenue

"Because our assets are our people and our people are only assets, Workify is a way for us to improve our only assets."

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