Employee Engagement

Measure overall engagement, drill down on trending issues and create data-backed action plans

Measure Engagement

Capture feedback from your entire team to
see how they feel. We’ll work with you to
design the perfect survey for your business
and to drive high participation.

Understand Your Data

Advanced insights and analytics will be
generated for your team 48-hours after your
survey has closed. We will help you
understand what exactly your data is telling
you and how to get to the heart of the

Take Action

Take action on what your people are saying. Real humans from the Workify team will help you develop action plans to address any employee concerns.

Measure progress

Repeat this process 2-4 times a year to create
an internal benchmark and get better insight
into whether or not you are moving the needle
on employee engagement. We can help
find the right cadence for your business.

See Workify in action and
speak with one of our engagement experts.