Simplify Goal Management

Our goal setting tool makes it easy to stay up-to-date with what’s going on with your team. Employees can easily set, review and update their goals with the click of a button.

Sparking Better Conversation

Workify Goals brings transparency into what people are focused on and how that aligns with the company’s overall goals. With our tool, you can drive better feedback and spark the conversations that were not previously occurring.

How it Works

1. Create Goal
Employees can set individual goals and select peer feedback groups, so that they can track progress over time.
2. Track Progress
As employees are working on a project, they can track their progress every step of the way.
3. Get Feedback
Once a goal is completed, employees can solicit feedback from their managers and colleagues.

Common Use Cases...

Managing your Goals
Our platform allows you to quickly toggle between open and closed goals to view progress and history. The progress indicator allows you to check on a goal’s status at a glance.
Staying Up to
Invite teammates to your feedback group to keep them up to speed as your goal progresses. Peers and managers have the ability to comment with feedback as you go and rate your overall performance.
Goals are reported at a company-wide level to promote full transparency, better collaboration and clear accountability. This allows you to see how your personal goals line up with organizational objectives.

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