Share important information with your company

Workify Social allows your admins to issue quick polls and share important company updates - attach documents, photos, links, etc.

Build stronger connections between your team

Our social platform allows peer to peer interaction, enabling employees to build stronger personal connections and share relevant info.

How it Works

Admin Posts
Here admins can share important info or recognize employees for great performance.
Employee Posts
Employees can share personal updates and give shoutouts to their colleagues.
Quick Polls
Companies can quickly gather employee feedback on urgent or informal topics.

Common Use Cases...

Organizational Updates
Workify Social allows admins to share important company updates with their employees - company news, industry awards, product updates, upcoming corporate holidays, etc.
Employee Highlights
Our social platform allows employees to recognize one another for amazing teamwork, work anniversaries, birthdays, etc.
Quick Polls
Quick poll functionality allows admins to gather feedback from employees for urgent items or things as simple as lunch suggestions.

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