Promote anonymous employee feedback

While our surveys pull feedback from employees, our suggestion box allows employees to push unsolicited, anonymous feedback to you. This will help catch and resolve issues before employees decide to take their feedback to public online forums.

Start a two-way dialogue

Workify Suggestions lets your people initiate the conversations that were not previously happening. Admins can respond to suggestions showing your employees that their concerns are being addressed by the organization.

How it Works

1. Employee Submits Suggestion
Employees can submit feedback to their company through our suggestion box as themselves or anonymously.
2. Admin Receives Suggestion
Admins receive a notification when a suggestion is submitted. They can then respond to individual suggestions.
3. Two-way Dialogue
A two-way private chat is created between the anonymous suggester and the admin once a suggestion has been submitted.

Common Use Cases...

Town Hall Meetings
Workify Suggestions allows organizations to collect questions for town halls in real-time or in advance of the actual meeting.
Improving Processes and Systems
Gather ideas for improving processes and internal systems from your most valued resources - your employees.
Idea Box / Innovation Pipeline
Leverage Suggestions to incentivize your employees to submit new ideas regarding your products or services.

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