Give your employees a voice

Our company-wide surveys are designed to give your employees a voice. By establishing continuous feedback loops, you will increase engagement and find solutions to the challenges your business is facing.

Take action on employee feedback

Workify is more than just a state-of-the-art survey platform. Through our unique client success partnership, we provide hands-on support to help you personalize surveys, understand trends in your data and take action on the feedback you’ve received.

How it Works

1. Baseline Survey
Send out a baseline survey to measure across the 13 engagement indicators we track at Workify. 48-hours after this initial survey has closed, you will receive an in-depth executive deck with various reports that you can share with your team.
2. Drill-Down Survey
Two weeks later, send out a follow-up survey to drill down to root issues identified in the initial survey. In addition to identifying issues, this shorter pulse survey will allow you to crowdsource solutions from your employees.
3. Develop Action Plans
Meet with our client success team and co-develop a strategy to take action on the employee feedback you have received. Workify recommends repeating this process quarterly to measure and trend your company’s scores over time.

We also offer...

New Hire
Workify new hire surveys allow you to gather feedback on the quality of your onboarding process. Send out surveys throughout the first three months to make sure you are making the right first impression.
Workify exit surveys are sent to employees in their last week of employment. The goal of these surveys is to drive more productive exit interviews and to improve retention by discovering the key trends underpinning why people choose to leave your team.
360 Feedback Surveys
Workify 360 surveys are implemented to support the development of team members in senior positions by targeting the people who work closest to them. This will allow you to support performance conversations with evidence-based feedback.
Workify reward surveys help identify specific areas where reward issues are raising concerns. This will help you gauge which parts of your rewards package are important and which parts need work based on feedback from your people.
Core Values Surveys
Workify core values surveys allow you to determine how your team feels the company is ‘living’ out your core values. They also allow your employees to define what the company values mean to them.
Communication Surveys
Workify communication surveys allow you to identify specific areas where communication issues are raising significant concerns with your team. This will allow you to drill-down and create action plans that improve communication.

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